“In a 15 year professional golf career, I have worked with physios on the European, Asian and South African tours, all of whom have been helpful, but nobody has helped as much as Mark. His knowledge and enthusiasm have certainly helped me prolong playing the game. Thanks!”
Andrew Raitt, Professional Golfer, 40

“After months of treatment for a tendonitis injury with no joy I visited Mark at Momentum Physio who really took the time to understand my condition and as a result developed a progressive program that thankfully got me
back to health.”
John Wilson, Banker, & sports enthusiast, 34

“Severe discomfort from a back pain caused me to seek the help of Mark, after recommendation from a friend. His enthusiasm was endless and really helped.”
Jackie Smith, Receptionist, 57

“Mark’s knowledge and determination ensured that I was able to carry on playing football after injuries that had previously kept me out for over a season.”
Sam Norton, Recruitment Specialist, football enthusiast, 29

“I have seen Mark for several injuries and on every occasion he has made a quick diagnosis and has always fixed the problem.”
Tom King, Surveyor, keen triathlete, 27

“After a lengthy ongoing niggling achilles problem, I visited Mark Leyland who enabled me back to get back to doing all the activities I wanted to do, pain free.”
Andrew Winter, PE Teacher, 35


As part of my continued commitment to the development and understanding of the body and how physiotherapy can help injury prevention and cure, I have developed a range of case studies.

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Sport Specific Training

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Train for your Sport

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