Nike Golf 360 Performance Specialist

I am a fully certified Nike Golf Performance Specialist and fellow of Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute.

The Nike Golf 360° Functional Performance System is a scientific process of analysis and training to enhance the athleticism and performance of golfers at any skill level.

The performance analysis and training techniques are derived from the Applied Functional Science™ principles of human movement from the Gray Institute and are used to provide an individualized training or rehabilitation program.

The Three Dimensional (3D) Performance Analysis and Training program delivers individualised golf-specific athleticism and performance specific to your swing.

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Golf Performance packages available

The Nike Golf Performance Assessment consists of the following:

3D FPS Analysis

  • 3D swing analysis
  • 3D transformational zone analysis
  • 3D mostability (mobile stability) analysis

3D FPS Stability

  • 3D flexibility/ mobility training
  • 3D stability/ balance training

3D FPS Training

  • 3D strength/ power training
  • 3D speed/ reaction training
  • 3D agility/ coordination training
  • 3D fundamentals/ skills training
  • 3D endurance/ sustainability training
  • 3D recovery/ restoration training

Nike Gold Performance Specialist