Why is a functional approach different?

The whole body is connected from our head to our toes. Therefore when pain or injury are present you can often find that the cause and the symptoms are in two separate areas, an ache in your knee may cause your neck pain, likewise a shoulder problem may cause your low back pain. This is why I do not just focus on the affected area, but assess the function of your entire body.

This functional approach to treatment and rehabilitation provides symptom relief but also prevention of further problems as both cause and symptoms are treated.

If your body has any areas of tightness or weakness then it may affect the way your body moves and may decrease performance or cause injury elsewhere.

As well as the prevention of further injury and pain, a functional approach to treatment and rehabilitation will lead to increased movement efficiency and improve performance, not just for the professional or amateur sportsman but for all individuals who are experiencing pain or discomfort.

Momentum Physio - Mark Leyland, MCSP, BScH, FAFS, ACPSM Sp Dip

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Momentum Physio - James Leyland, BSc (Hons), MCSP, AACP, FAFS

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